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Why Dehydration Makes Us Sick And Fat E-mail
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Why Dehydration Makes Us Sick And Fat

Drinking water is becoming more scarce these days. People have replaced them with juices, sodas and energy drinks, creating a host of problems for a body that was made to drink pure water. Most people don't realize they are constantly dehydrated, even if just a little, and the body pays a hefty price for it. Hydration is important, and here's why.

Early Detection Of Diabetes And How To Reverse E-mail
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Diabetes is one of the most prevalent new epidemics in the world, and one of the fastest growing diseases. One of the main reasons for this is the unhealthy lifestyle and habits that are forming by modern living.

It is of immense importance that everyone is aware of the signs of type II diabetes, because the best way to avoid the disease is to make an early detection and engage in actions that will prevent the diabetes from developing.

The general term for these signs is 'pre-diabetes'. The blood sugar levels are not yet on a full blown diabetes level, and can still be reversed.

So first, know the symptoms:

* Feeling thirsty even after drinking a lot

* Feeling weak even after resting for a sufficient amount of hours.

* Urinating more frequently, especially at night.

* Gaining weight despite no change in diet and even with exercising.

* Feeling hungry again minutes after eating.

* Skin infections take a very long time to heal.

* Blurred night vision.

Early Detection Of Diabetes And How To Reverse

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