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Eat Watermelon All Day Long E-mail
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In these hot summer days is there anything fresher than watermelon? I think NO! Watermelon is a natural source of Vitamin C. It contains about 6% sugar and 91% water by weight. So, there is nothing healthier and nonclerical to eat except watermelon. Because of that today Top Dreamer have for you 20 recipes to eat watermelon all day long.

At first, you can eat simply the piece of it, but there are a lot of different ways to combines watermelon with other fruits, sweet, salt and acid grocery. You surely thinks
that is not possible, but you will surprised how wonderful and delicious food you’ll eat.
And it is not a lie that you can eat watermelon all day long – below have watermelon recipes for salads, soups, cocktails and deserts. Look them below and stay fresh all day long.

Watermelons: Nature’s Keg

Eat Watermelon All Day Long

10 Tips to Shield Your Kids From Monsoon E-mail
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10 Tips to Shield Your Kids From Monsoon

Monsoons bring forth a host of illnesses that kids are more prone to. Your little angels need to be shielded from the showers to keep them away from all rain-related illnesses and germs that can cause them to sneeze and catch a cold. To keep your kids in the pink of health all through the monsoon, here are 10 things you must do.

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