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10 Unexpected Benefits Of Yogurt E-mail
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Yogurt is a great food for us as it helps with digestion, gives us a good energetic feeling and tastes wonderful. But not many people know that it has many other benefits you may not know quite yet. After reading all of this I'm sure you'll start acting like me, and do your best to eat one cup of yogurt every day or two.

10 Unexpected Benefits Of Yogurt

10 Home Remedies To Relieve A Sore Tummy E-mail
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For some, an aching stomach is a daily routine. It happens when they get up in the morning, it happens when they drink coffee, and it happens almost after every meal. Some suffer from cramping, some bloating and some just jabs of sharp pain.

There is a lot of pain medication out there, but almost all pain killers are also addictive, and may cause harm to your liver.

Instead, why not try these 100% natural remedies to treat an upset, bloated or painful stomach, which have been proven through the centuries and will carry no side effects.

1. Ginger

One of the most well known natural pain killers is ginger, and it is good for a variety of physical aches. It is a strong anti-inflammation agent as well as antioxidant properties. When you have stomach cramps or abdominal pain, ginger can definitely help to alleviate it.

10 Home Remedies To Relieve A Sore Tummy

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