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The Many Wonders Of The Neem Tree E-mail
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The Many Wonders Of The Neem Tree

  • The Neem tree is a fast growing evergreen that is native to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. This amazing tree is claimed to treat forty different diseases. All the parts of the tree is used for treating illness, the leaves, fruit, seeds and even the bark all contain medicinal properties.
  • The use of neem as a medicinal herb dates back over 5,000 years. Today itís benefits have been proven by scientific research and clinical trials. And, although few of us have access to a neem tree, it can be purchased in the form of oil, powder and pills.
Why You Should Switch To A Vegan Diet? E-mail
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Why You Should Switch To A Vegan Diet?

Many people define vegans as very strict vegetarians which is more of a laymanís definition. A vegan diet is essentially as specialized type of vegetarian diet. This diet stresses upon not eating animal products, including dairy. Vegan dieters only eat plant-based foods.

Being a vegan can be a bit hard but it does offer some significant health benefits.

Vegans Contribute Towards Environment:
Most of the animal produce in the form of dairy and meat products is sourced through livestock farming. This kind of animal rearing isn't good for our environment. It contributes immensely to global warming. Livestock farming also stresses the ecology, devouring a lot of land and water and uses chemicals too. Many livestock farms are responsible for rendering the soil infertile and can cause soil erosion and deforestation. If a vegan diet is adopted, it means that the individual is contributing towards conserving the environment and protecting the ecology against further damage.

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