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10 Steps To A Trim Tum E-mail
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This classic flowing sequence of postures is at the heart of modern yoga and can be a complete practice in itself or a preparation for a longer routine.

Traditionally performed in the morning to greet the new day, it forms the backbone of most types of yoga and employs various forward and backward bending poses that flex the spinal column, giving a profound, energising stretch to the whole body.

Because it is an energetic sequence that tones every muscle group in the body, itís great for burning calories, building strength and stamina, improving circulation and detoxifying your internal organs through enhanced oxygenation.

It has a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effect, too.

In other words, this is a full body workout like no other, which explains its popularity.

I would recommend doing this sequence at least five times a day if weight is an issue. But even if you only do two sequences a day, youíre doing your figure a massive favor.

There are small variations in the way yogis do this sequence, but the most important thing is the synchronisation of the motion of your breath with the movement of your body. Basically, all upward movements are coupled with inhalation, and downward movements with exhalation.


10 Steps To A Trim Tum

Start in Mountain pose: stand up tall, feet together or a little apart, arms at your sides. Place your palms together in a prayer position, roll your shoulders back and down and lift your chest.

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