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5 Weird Ways Your Body Warns You Its Dehydrated E-mail
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Most of us donít take dehydration very seriously and donít know that it can be the cause of many health issues. Even if you are spending an hour outside in this extremely hot weather it can still leave you dripping and if you are not keeping your body hydrated enough in this weather and not replacing what you have lost then you might be setting yourself up for trouble. Here are five weird signs that you might not know but are the obvious signs of dehydration.

1. Not sweating enough?

5 Weird Ways Your Body Warns You Its Dehydrated

12 Stretches For Your Upper Body E-mail
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Iím a bit clueless when it comes to body workouts: I donít know what bits I am meant to be exercising, when or how. Although I do know I need to keep my muscles going if I want to keep my body healthy and in good condition. So this complete workout guide is just the thing I need to get me right on track. Starting here with the upper body, there are 6 areas you can give daily attention to in order to get those muscles loose and flexible, keeping tightness, aches, and cramps far away from your body.


The benefits of having well-exercised muscles are massive. Stretches lengthen your muscles, giving you full access to their tremendously useful elasticity. Stretching will also improve blood flow to the muscles, increasing your physical capacities, lowering injury risks. If you do these exercises after you wake up in the morning or have taken a quick nap, it will wake you up and open up your lungs to give you space to take great healthy breaths of invigorating air. You will also sleep better than ever before and stand taller with improved posture.

Tip: To make sure you reap these tremendous benefits, you might want to try the first exercise (stretch A) for each body area on one day, then on the next day try the second exercise (stretch B). Either you will find you prefer one stretch more than the other, or you will retain both, giving yourself a nice bit of variety to your routine.

1. Neck

We have all suffered from a stiff neck, and know how much this can ruin your day. Most of the time our necks get into bad shape due a too motionless sleep. To combat this problem, try these two exercises after you wake up.

12 Stretches For Your Upper Body

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