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The Stomach Germs You Need To Avoid E-mail
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With population numbers rising, one thing that is becoming more common is catching infections and passing them on to the people around us. One common form of infection comes from a group of bacteria that are found in many foods and animal feces, which means we have to constantly be careful and follow some basic rules to avoid.

The Stomach Germs You Need To Avoid

Surprising Health Benefits Of Goji E-mail
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There’s a good chance you’ve seen the Goji advertised in health food stores as a miracle cure, but what IS the Goji and what is it good for?

The Goji (AKA “Goji Berry” or “Wolfberry”) comes from Asia and is highly prized by eastern medicine, and recently – in the rest of the world. Goji can be bought frozen or dehydrated, and scientists are generally in consensus about its many health benefits. In this article, you’ll find just a few of the many benefits this wonder-berry, some information you should know before adding it to your diet, and even a great recipe for a refreshing and healthy shake.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Goji

Last Updated ( Thursday, 15 January 2015 )
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