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10 Places Across The World That Help You Trace Your Ancestors E-mail
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We all know where our parents and grandparents came from, what they did, where they grew up and when they were born. But how many of us know about our great grandparents or our grandparents’ grandparents? We don’t know much, let's be honest. But what if we told you that there are places where you can find out about them? You’d be more than happy to go.

Pack your bags now, because we bring you 10 places that will help you trace your family history.

1. Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India

10 Places Across The World That Help You Trace Your Ancestors

In India, Haridwar is the biggest genealogical centre. About 300 hereditary priests or pandas, as they are known, are still at work. You’ll find them sitting under thick banyan trees, with huge registers that have your family records. Although it can take you a long time to find your family priest, if you do manage, you’ll have answers to every ancestral question you have. In fact, you could update your own family scroll with your details which would help future generations trace their family history.

Stories Behind The Famous Car Logos E-mail
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Stories Behind The Famous Car Logos

This cool infographic put together by car dealer reviews breaks down the history, heritage, stories and concepts behind some of the world's most popular and well known automotive brands. Some of the design choices are obvious whilst others you would never have guessed.

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