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And Lets Divide The Wealth E-mail
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 What if we divide all the world's wealth in the world equally among the people? What of it? And who gets what?

738 discarded plastic bags per person per year.
And Lets Divide The Wealth

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 January 2011 )
Top 10 countries Where People Live Longer E-mail
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Some fictions says age of a person depends on area of the person where he is born, and on the other hand some myths from science says it depends on the genetics of the person, the breed from where the person is born, but there are some realistic people, who believe that age depends on the physical fitness and the stamina of the person and not on any of the factors mentioned before.

The reality is that every specific area on the Planet Earth has its own average age of living, that differs a long run with other areas, we have collected the list of top 10 countries where the average age of a common man is way high. So, which country made into the list, see below!

10 - Guernsey

Top 10 countries Where People Live Longer

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