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Smoking Facts We Must Know About E-mail
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Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 toxic substances, many of which are known to cause cancer in humans

Nicotine dependency
through cigarette smoking is the most common form of drug addiction and causes more death and disease than all other addictions combined.

Forty percent of teenagers
who smoke daily have tried to quit and failed.

Smoking Facts We Must Know About

19 Misconceptions That Surprised Me E-mail
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As we grow up, we hear many facts about things we didn’t previously know, be it in school, on TV or from friends or family. Sadly, many of these “facts” are misconceptions, and I believe that it’s better to know that I was wrong, instead of spreading false information.

The Earth’s core is not super-hot liquid metal. It is, in fact, a 700 mile sphere of iron and nickel.

19 Misconceptions That Surprised Me

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