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Sugar Can Do A Lot More Than Just Sweeten E-mail
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Sugar Can Do A Lot More Than Just Sweeten

Besides been the material we love to taste the most, sugar can help out with plenty of other things, and is always worth having around the house. We've collected a few of these uses for you to learn about - you'll never think of sugar as just a sweetener again!

Uses for sugar...

1. Calming babies:

Studies in Pediatrics show that babies who have been given a solution containing one spoon of sugar and four glasses of water before being vaccinated reacted more calmly to shots than those who didn't.

9 Odd Habits Of Famous People E-mail
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In history and in life we often learn to admire famous people who excelled in their fields and somehow changed the world in their own way. We often forget that these people were human too, and that they had their own ways of getting shit done.

1. Kishore Kumar

The legendary playback singer, actor and director, had a reputation of talking to trees in his backyard as he considered these his only close friends in this "cruel world."

9 Odd Habits Of Famous People

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