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Amazing Facts About The Powerful Tiger E-mail
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The lion may have its own Disney movie, while the tiger is usually seen as a villian, but there is little doubt as who is the most powerful cat in the world. The tiger outweighs the lion, is a stronger hunter, and has many incredible qualities that, in my eyes, make it the most remarkable of all big cats. Here are 22 facts that will prove my point!

1. Tigers have such powerful legs that even after death, they can sometimes remain standing!

Amazing Facts About The Powerful Tiger

The Benefits Of Tequila E-mail
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Are you surprised to hear tequila has health benefits? In Mexico, where tequila was first developed, it is considered a sophisticated drink and is best enjoyed by taking slow, measured sips. Tequila has a bad reputation because many brands of the drink are mixed with other sugar based alcohols. If you buy a bottle of tequila made from 100% agave - a plant unique to Mexico - the drink can actually carry some great benefits. Here are 7 ways having the occasional glass of tequila can help your health.

1. It's Probiotic

The Benefits Of Tequila

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