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14 Facts That Are Completely False E-mail
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I often wonder about some of the things people say that we all take for granted. "Blind as a bat" for someone who can't see well, a short angry person with an "Napoleon complex" and things like that. Well it turns out a lot of these "facts" are nothing but falsehoods and misconceptions. For those of you who want to know the truth, here are some 'facts' that turn out to be quite untrue.

Bats are blind.

14 Facts That Are Completely False

Fascinating Facts About Jewellery E-mail
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How much do you know about the materials that have made the human heart beat faster, kings to wage wars and and queens to lose their head. Gold, diamonds, gemstones, pearls and other precious metals and stones - though money has changed a lot over the years, these materials and their worth have little changed. Enjoy and learn some fascinating facts about jewelry.
diamond ring

Fascinating Facts About Jewellery

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