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25 Of The Biggest Mistakes Ever Made In History E-mail
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25 Of The Biggest Mistakes Ever Made In History

Mistakes are always made. After all, we're only human. It doesn't matter how hard we try, mistakes will forever be part of our history. But who made the biggest mistakes? Which mistakes cost money, lives and reputation? Here are 25 human errors that have not only been colossal ones to make, but some have actually changed history as we know it.

The Hidden Dangers Of Smartphones E-mail
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In the past couple of years there have been increased reports of popular smartphones catching fire and exploding this have stirred up some panic around the world (despite these malfunctions being pretty rare).

Why do smartphones catch fire?

Electronic devices in general and computers and smartphones in particular, require large amounts of power, which also makes them produce a lot of heat. This cannot be negated, but at a certain point, too much heat can damage the device or worse you!

In each electronic device there are tiny, sensitive components. When it comes to your laptop and smartphone, the components are even smaller, making them even more sensitive to heat. Abnormal temperatures can melt the plastic insulation and even some of the more delicate metals, like tin. When this occurs, the devices malfunction, sometimes dangerously so.

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