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Graphene - The Wonder Material Of The Future E-mail
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200 times stronger than steel...
150,000 times thinner than a human hair...
more flexible than a sheet of paper

You may have heard about Graphene.

If you haven't, it's a newly discovered, very special refined form of graphite.

It's a one-atom-thick sheet of densely packed carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice.

Take a look:

Put simply, it's a sheet of carbon atoms 150,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Under a powerful microscope, it looks like chicken wire.
But what's so special about it?


The 3 Common Time Wasters At Work E-mail
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No business can afford to have wasted time at work, especially when growth and profitability is directly tied to how productive your employees are. So check out our new infographic that identifies the top three reasons why people waste their time at work, so that you can find possible solutions to eliminating them.

The 3 Common Time Wasters At Work
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