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Most Important Airplanes Of All Time E-mail
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Ever since the Wright Brothers managed to get their Wright flyer airborne in 1903, the history of aviation has been dotted with a number of fascinating, landmark moments. This list will run through 14 of the most innovative, important and incredible airplanes ever to grace the skies, and tell the remarkable stories that made them such trailblazing groundbreakers.

1. Wright Flyer

The first plane to successfully take flight

Most Important Airplanes Of All Time

The Wright Flyer is famous for being the first airplane to successfully take flight. Designed and built by pioneering inventors and entrepreneurs Orville and Wilbur Wright, it achieved its feat on the beaches of Kitty Hawk, when Orville Wright piloted the airborne plane for 12 short seconds, covering 120 feet. The flight may have been short, but it was to prove one of the moments of the century, and the brothers toured with their plane to show off their achievements to skeptical audiences throughout the world. It was during this tour that they flew about Le Mans in France and kick-started an aviation revolution across Europe that was to change the world.

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Feel Good Knowing These Facts E-mail
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Feel Good Knowing These Facts

If you're having a tough day, you're lacking motivation, or you're just feeling down, lighten up your day with some feel-good facts. Funnily enough, the simplest and sweetest of things are the ones we look for the most when we're not at our best. So feel inspired with the following facts - they might surprise you with something you didn't know, and most importantly, put a smile on your face!

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