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How Gold Is Produced E-mail
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Sought after since the beginning of recorded history, gold remains a highly valued metal, reaching record highs recently, climbing over 135% in value in the past year alone. The recent rise in the price of gold comes just as annual worldwide mine production has decreased - down by nearly 8% since 2001. In human history, only 161,000 tons of gold have been mined - more than half of that extracted in just the past 50 years. Collected here are a handful of recent photographs of people searching for, mining, rediscovering, celebrating, buying and selling gold.

How Gold Is Produced

The Origin Of The Cashew E-mail
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I’ve never heard of this before! Interesting………..
Wow If you hang around long enough one can learn something new. Here is my something new, who'd have guessed?

The Origin Of The Cashew

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