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The Product Is Past Its Expiration Day? So What? E-mail
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The product is past its Expiration Day? So what?

We tend to throw out a great deal of food just because it has passed the last date of expiration. Should it really be this way, does the expiration date decide? As it turns out - not so much.

In a piece published by the BBC, professor Liza Acreli, expert of environmental health of Salford University in England, reviewed various food products and determined the real expiration date, after which they should not be consumed.

As a rule, she said, it is better to trust your nose than the date stamped on the package. This works for both good and bad cases.

According to professor Acreli, so as you don't take any risks, take into account the following information in addition to your smell test:

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 January 2016 )
Saying Thank You Is More Appropriate Than Saying Sorry E-mail
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Saying Thank You Is More Appropriate Than Saying Sorry

It's something that we all do way too much, saying sorry for something that doesn't even need to be apologised for. We've all done it before, normally without even thinking, but as this comic by New York based artist Yao Xiao shows, we really need to stop. The idea isn't to never apologise for anything ever again of course but rather say "thank you" when the situation doesn't require an apology and as you can see from the comics below saying the latter can have a surprisingly positive outcome.

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