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Life Is Beautiful, Admire It E-mail
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The future you see is the future you get.

Life Is Beautiful, Admire ItUsers

The Game Of Life E-mail
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“The drama of life is always accurate and beneficial. Whatever has happened was good, whatever is happening is the best and whatever is to happen will be the best of all!”

How do we play the game of life? What are its rules? Are there more than one set of rules? Which rules do you live by: the game’s, your own or someone else’s rules?

Do you know what rules you are living by? – You can discover them by watching the people, situations or events that you find yourself reacting too. More often than not this is a sign that one of the rules that you live by has just been broken. Also watch out for tension, this too can be a sign that one of your rules is being challenged.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 September 2014 )
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