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It Takes More Energy To Resist Than To Let Go E-mail
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Those were the words of wisdom that I heard from a yoga teacher in a class that I attended named “Hot flow level 2” where the temperature of the classroom is about 90 to 100 F. Lots of sweaty enjoyment there! :-)

No doubt she is “right” about letting go… almost.. :-)

When we speak about physical resistance, then that may be the case. When we are talking about emotional issues, then to let go takes greater courage and greater wisdom than to resist, when there is someone there “choosing” to resist or to let go.

Worry Causes Many Problems E-mail
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A man having stomach pain went to his doctor. The doctor asked if he was having trouble in his personal life or at his job.

The man explained that he was worried about some incidents that had happened at work with his boss and his co-workers. Was there something the man could do to change what had happened? ''No,'' responded the man. ''But it continues to bother me." The doctor said, ''There is nothing you can do about the past. Close the chapter and move on. You are upsetting yourself and your stomach over something you cannot change.'' The doctor prescribed some medicine, and advised him to forget the past to help expedite the cure of his stomachaches.

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