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Dont Compare Yourself To Others E-mail
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(Your competition is with yourself)

Comparing ourselves with others creates a fake sense of being, and curbs our uniqueness and individuality.
There are numerous other reasons why a constant
comparison with others is a bad idea.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” Theodore Roosevelt

Comparing ourselves with others comes naturally to a lot of us. It is a trait that we develop early on in our lives. Remember how our teachers used to portray the head boy/girl as the role model for all of us. We were expected to be like them. Even at home, comparisons with siblings were inevitable.
The burden of expectations always bordered upon how you fared with the best performer of the team. And in case, you were the best performer, the comparison with others only created an impression of strength and superiority.

The fact that many of us indulge in comparing our life, social status, appearance, wealth, etc., with others, is symptomatic of a deep-rooted desire to be accepted by others. When we put ourselves against others, we measure our strengths and weaknesses with them.
The reason comparisons don't work out is because no two people are similar. While one might be good at making money, another might be good at making friends.
The point we are trying to drive home here, is that comparison between two individuals, who may appear to be equal due to the roles they play in their family or society, only creates the feeling of frustration, self-pity, low self-worth, and envy. There are other reasons why comparison with others should be avoided at all costs.

Why Comparing Ourselves with Others is Futile

Comparison creates dependency on others.

Dont Compare Yourself To Others

A Joy Of Small Things E-mail
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Life, we often take it for granted and forget to enjoy small things it has in store for us for which it asks no fees. It gives pure joy. Initially, I had made below points as an outline to make a short-film which depicts the Joy of small things, but then it couldt work out, for I had few other stuffs on hand.

1. Sitting all alone, and observing the sunset.

2. For no reason, removing the batteries of television remote, and putting them back.

3. Helping an old age person, to cross the road.

4. Inserting our fingers in the dug of grain in a food store without anybody noticing us.

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