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9 Rules For Staying Positive E-mail
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Straight to the point, below are 9 rules in order to stray positive and live a stress free life:

1- I must develop the power of not looking back in the past to read the old chapters of life again and again because I cannot go back to my past to fix things. Whatever has happened has happened. Now is the time to review the lessons learnt once and then focus on to improve my present and future.

2- I have to stay away from negative souls which means I have to avoid spending time with people doing backbiting, criticising, cursing, complaining, conspiring, corrupting and complicating.

Cherish Every Moment Of Life E-mail
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Life is similar to a boxing game.
Defeat is not declared when you fall down;
it is declared when you refuse to get up.

Cherish Every Moment Of Life

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