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Funny Interview Short Stories E-mail
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Story I

E: Do u have a boyfriend?
C: I have.

E: Is he working Locally?
C: No. He is working Overseas.

E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u !
C: Why?

U will not be able to settle down here permanently. And my Company don't want to pay extra expenses on the Overseas calls just because of u.


Are You Over 50? E-mail
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1. Kidnappers are not very interested in you.

2. In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first.

3. No one expects you to run--anywhere.

4. People call at 9pm and ask, " Did I wake you ????"

5. People no longer view you as a hypochondriac.

6. There is nothing left to learn the hard way.
7. Things you buy now won't wear out.

8. You can eat dinner at 4pm.

9. You can live without sex but not your glasses.

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