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The 10 Largest Private Yachts In The World E-mail
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She's Huge! The 10 Largest Private Yachts In the World

Looking back at the history of the world's largest private yachts, members of a top 10 list made 20 years ago would have looked like rowing boats compared to this bunch. Costing hundreds of millions of dollars apiece, these vessels are the most opulent and expensive material possessions that money can buy. Some on this list are so large that they're the same size as small cruise ships. Read on to see how the other half lives and find out about the 10 largest private yachts in the entire world:

10. Ocean Victory, 460ft

The 10 Largest Private Yachts In The World

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Country of Origin: Italy (Fincantieri)

Approximate Cost: $300 million

The largest yacht ever built in Italy began journeying on the high seas back in 2014. She has seven decks, six swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a tender garage for toys such as jet skis, a movie theater, beauty salon, and even storage for a helicopter. Despite its enormous size, Ocean Victory is rarely spotted in the usual Mediterranean hotspots where you’d expect to see such yachts. She was commissioned for and is owned by Russian billionaire businessman Viktor Rashnikov, an iron and steel magnate.

The Extraordinary Underwater Hotel E-mail
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Imagine yourselves spending a night at a beautiful hotel, overlooking the vast ocean beneath you. Now imagine you could penetrate the waves with your eyes, see the amazing underwater world, the colorful fish and algae and the glow of the sun through the water.

You can stop pretending now. On the private islands of Fiji, at the Poseidon Resort, this dream can become a reality. Introducing the underwater 5 star hotel!

The Extraordinary Underwater Hotel

This is the first hotel that is completely underwater, at a depth of 12-40 feet under the waves, in a crystal clear lagoon that offers guests a breath-taking view of coral reefs and the fish that live around them.

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