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Give Your Bathroom A New Feel E-mail
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The sink is a great invention, we use it every day, yet we rarely give it a second thought. In the past, people used big bowls of water (called wash basins) for washing. These wash basins did not drain and had to be manually emptied often. In the 18th century, modern plumbing made fresh water available indoors, along with sewage drainage, and thus the invention of the modern sink came to be. Nowadays, sinks come in many styles, and these are some the most stylish and unique sinks I have ever laid eyes upon.

I would waste so much water if I had one of these.

Give Your Bathroom A New Feel

A House For Sale In Montana E-mail
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Yes. This is for real. His house and boat house on the mainland has a similar appearance ­it belongs to Don Abbey. People who worked on it had to sign non-disclosure agreements. If you get too close to it by boat, you are greeted by several boats warning to keep your distance.

A House For Sale In Montana

An insane stone mansion that happens to be the largest private home in Montana is on sale for a whopping $78 million.

At that price, the house is the fifth-most expensive property currently on the market in the United States, according to

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