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Valentine's Day Submarine Tour E-mail
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    The Mile-Low Club: Travel company launches £175k Valentine's Day submarine package with interior design of your choice and aphrodisiac menu (flights to the mooring not included)

  • Luxury travel company unveil submarine treat whereby couples can choose to harbour wherever they like
  • Also includes aphrodisiac menu featuring champagne and oysters
  • The bespoke submarine will actually travel 200m under the water
  • Price for a basic vessel starts at £175,000
  • Extras including helicopter transfers, entertaining rooms and champagne breakfast available

    Since the dawn of passenger aviation, the so-called ‘Mile-High Club’ has been synonymous with rock stars, honeymooning couples and a select number of frequent flyers all looking for love in the sky.
    Today, 62 years since the opportunity to join this exclusive club first become available to the travelling public, a travel company has launched the Mile-Low Club; a service allowing travellers who like to get their thrills between the sheets to get them beneath the waves at the same time.
    Loaded lovers wanting to push the boat out can stay in one of several specially-adapted leisure submarines, nicknamed Lovers Deep, that are currently moored in the Caribbean (the bad news is that the £175,000 price tag doesn't include flights to get there).

Valentine's Day Submarine Tour

Amazing Igloo Village At Hotel Kakslauttanen E-mail
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The Aurora Borealis is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and tourists have long traveled from near and far to take in the epic beauty of these northern lights. The excitement is sometimes tempered, however, by the fact that the best time to witness the phenomena is in the dead of winter, and in locations that are known for extreme cold!
Hotel Kakslauttanen, located in the wilderness near Finland’s Urho Kekkonen National Park, has found a creative and visually unique solution to the problem: glass igloos. The lack of trees or streetlights produces the perfect combination for viewing the northern lights within the Arctic Circle. The hotel has built 20 glass igloos within the park, with each just large enough to accommodate two people.

Amazing Igloo Village At Hotel Kakslauttanen


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