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Luxury Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona E-mail
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Luxury Grand Hotel Central, Barcelona

Luxury Grand Hotel Central is like a jewel in the heart of Barcelona. If you’re planning a summer trip to Barcelona and want to enjoy luxury lifestyle in reasonable price; then Grand hotel central could be best choice.
Tropical Island Paradise Yacht E-mail
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The super yacht that comes with its own VOLCANO: Multi-million pound boat which is a paradise island
This is the next super-yacht set to hit the world's oceans - which comes complete with its own functioning volcano and floating tropical islands.
The vessel - dubbed the 'Tropical island Paradise' - has been designed by British boat builders Yacht Island Design, from Derby, Derbys - some 90 miles from the sea.
The extravagant 295ft ship boasts a towering volcano with a cascading waterfall which feeds the swimming pool.

Tropical Island Paradise Yacht

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