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Google Earth Images That Are Awesome And Wrong E-mail
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Google Earth Images That Are Awesome And Wrong

Google Earth changed the way humans explore the world. However, technology doesn't always work as advertised. Google Earth will sometimes warp landscapes into interesting works of modern art.

This type of glitching happens because of how Google Earth creates its images. The process is called texture mapping. It entails overlaying a flat satellite image with a 3D terrain map. It's a lot like putting a label on a soda bottle.

This works pretty well most of the time, but every so often, Google's algorithms mess up trying to stretch a 2D image over a 3D landscape. The result is a pretty crazy distortion of the landscape.

Brooklyn artist Clement Valla spends his time scouring Google for these kind of screw-ups and documents them on his website. Check out a few we thought were notable.

The South Indian Movie Theatres E-mail
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Indian films began in the late 19th century. Is the world's major film production areas. Film production in India is the highest in the world, mainly to cope with the huge domestic demand. Bollywood is the largest film production bases in the world, with hundreds of millions of viewers. At the same time there are a large number of Indian films in the country live in Indian immigrants are also very popular.

So you can see the movie in this form of entertainment in the lives of Indians has a pivotal position. Bollywood movies like colorful pictures, these cinema building in southern India also looks like peacefulness, reminiscent of those gorgeous colorful movie screen. These photos of the photographer from Munich, Germany Stefanie Zoche.

The South Indian Movie Theatres

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