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Internet's Most Amazing Non-Photoshopped Photographs E-mail
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These days the popular photo editing tool Photoshop is used in just about everything, from enhancing what is already a great photograph to manipulating a photo to the point that is hardly even recognisable. Over the years as the software has improved and so have the people using it, sometimes it's a challenge to even tell if a photo has been edited or not.

Unlike a lot of photos on the internet though, the images you see below all have one thing in common - none of them are Photoshopped. Some of them can be hard to get your heard around at first, take the photo of the volcano erupting for example. Although it looks like something out of a movie, it's actually a very rare naturally occurring phenomenon.

Thanks to the power of perspective, some clever angles and of course some extraordinary moments these photos will leave you in awe.

Internet's Most Amazing Non-Photoshopped Photographs

Photos That Prove 'Star Wars' Branding Is Losing Its Way E-mail
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Ever since Disney bought the rights to Star Wars and announced the new movie, The Force Awakens, they haven't stopped with the marketing. Now that the movie is finally here though it seems they've raised their game to another level and some of the things they've been busy branding in the run up to the movies release are pretty hilarious...

1. Star Wars oranges.

Photos That Prove 'Star Wars' Branding Is Losing Its Way

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