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The Land Of Growing Stones In Transylvania, Romania E-mail
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Trovants, growing stones, in the village of Costesti, in the area of Transylvania in Romania, declared UNESCO monument, spreads on valleys and hills strange hoodoos. The Trovants Museum Natural Reserve, place where a sick striking geological curiosity takes place The stones grow, or Trovants, according to the local language. These stones, which starts measuring a few millimeters, arrive reach 6 to 8 meters, literally growing themselves. When it rains, as if a kind of gremlins it were, begins the mutation: protrusions on the surface of these rocks, which grow at a glance and give them their striking appearance appear. This property is due to its morphology and composition. Formed by a sediment basin 6 million years ago, along these sands have accumulated large amount of carbonates, which when in contact with water, pushing out the lower layers, by bringing back the strange lumps. A real rarity that will surely attract many travelers interested in this kind of oddities or freaks of nature. Trovanti Museum Natural Reserve is situated in Costesti village Valcea County, in south of village, near National Road 67. It has 11000 sqm and was created as a geological reserve

The Land Of Growing Stones In Transylvania, Romania

The Living Root Bridges Of India E-mail
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In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren't built -- they're grown.

The Living Root Bridges Of India

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