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Spectacular Ladybower In Derbyshire E-mail
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Spectacular Ladybower In Derbyshire

Photos of this spectacular place, maybe you've seen scattered in the network without signatures. A miracle of nature is not like, but it looks spectacular! It turns out that this is not the gateway to the underworld, but only wash down the spillway of the reservoir Ladybower in the English county of Derbyshire. Spillway of this form of the world is not only one, but it is the biggest.

World's Top 15 Weirdest Fruits E-mail
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1. Buddha's Hand - beautiful but tasteless

World's Top 15 Weirdest Fruits

This fruit is commonly found in China or Northern parts of India. It goes by a few names including Fingered Citron and Bushukan but we think Buddha's Hand is by far the coolest and certainly the most apt. This fruit is made up of long finger like sections that all grow from the same base giving the illusion of a multi-fingered hand.
When it comes to eating it, this citrus fruit is nothing like your average orange or lemon. It has no juice or pulp, it is essentially made up of skin and pith. However unlike all other citrus fruit, the pith of the Buddha's Hand is not bitter. The fruit is often candied, dried or canned and used to complete all manner of sweet and savoury dishes.
This fruit is also extremely fragrant; many Japanese and Chinese families place this fruit around the home as it gives off a pleasant smell.

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