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The Tree With Multiple Trunks E-mail
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The Tree With Multiple Trunks

The Great banyan tree - a tree with multiple trunks and crowns of the largest in the world
The Great banyan tree - the tree (ficus Bengal) with the world's largest area of the crown. Located in the Indian Botanical cadu in Hauri.
Age of the Great banyan tree is 200-250 years. The history of the tree, unfortunately, not clear, there are only a few records, dating from XIX century. During 1884 and 1886 hurricane years have been damaged some of the basic processes, and the tree was divided into two parts. After a lightning strike in 1925 was the splitting of the main stem, so that the barrel had to be cut.

Grapes Production In A Volcanic Island E-mail
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Grapes Production In A Volcanic Island

The island of Lanzarote (Lanzarote) refers to the Canary Islands (Spain). It is also called an "island volcanoes" - on a small island is about 60 wide and 15 km are about three hundred volcanoes. In autumn 1730 together with thirty craters began to erupt lava and ash. The eruption lasted for six years, and as a result of one-third of the island was covered with basalt and lifeless ash. This is a very negative impact on agriculture, Lanzarote, but did not stop the local growers, which in the end, successfully adapted to grow grapes right in a volcanic desert.

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