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10 Marvelous Volcanic Plugs And Natural Monoliths E-mail
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A volcanic plug, also called a volcanic neck, is a volcanic landform created when magma hardens within a vent on an active volcano. A natural monolith is a mountain or large rock formation consisting of a single massive stone. Both types of these geological structures are similar in that they are often steeply rising above the surrounding terrain. The unusual appearance and the buildings which are often located on these structures, amaze visitors and attract them to come back again.

01. Saint Michel d'Aiguilhe — France

10 Marvelous Volcanic Plugs And Natural Monoliths

The Beautiful Pictures Of Lake Bled E-mail
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The fertile land, the protective shelter of the castle hill and the island, have always invited the settlement of the Bled area. The first, and still rare traces of humans in Bled, date back to the Stone Age. In the Iron Age, when the mining of iron began in the Alpine regions, settlement increased.

The Beautiful Pictures Of Lake Bled

Beneath the layer of an already discovered Slavic necropolis at Pristava pod Gradom, archeologists discovered 80 gravesites from the late Iron Age (800 to 600 BC) - Celtic and Roman finds however, are more modest. Bled was later well populated by the Slavs, who arrived in two waves. The Slavic settlements were most probably located at exactly the same spots where the lakeside villages of Mlino, Želece, Zagorice, Grad and Recica formed in the late Middle Ages.

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