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Spectacular View Of Northern Lights E-mail
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Fine art nature photographer Joni Niemelä recently shared some truly amazing photos of what has got to be one of natures most spectacular phenomenon's, the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights.

Niemelä took these photos where he takes the majority of his photos, in his home country of Finland. Although he comments that the solar activity causing the spectacular light shows is at its weakest in over a century, Niemelä's photos still cause you to stare in awe.

The photos you see below were taken between 2013 and 2015. To see more of Niemelä's work visit his website, Instagram and Facebook.

Spectacular View Of Northern Lights

Perfectly Timed Photos Of Ocean Waves E-mail
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Perfectly Timed Photos Of Ocean Waves

These stunning photos taken by professional photographer Dave Sandford capture the raw power and beauty of ocean waves, offering us a perfectly timed snapshot that forever immortalises a single moment in a waves infinitely changing form. The result is a wave that takes on the form of a snowy liquid mountain and spray and splashes of water form the mountains peak.

Sandford has been a professional photographer for 18 years, often shooting for professional sports events in order to make a living, but anything related to open water is where his real passion for photography surfaces. For his latest project he visited Lake Erie in his hometown of London, Ontario, Canada. Over a period of one month for 2-3 days a week Sandford would go and spend 6 hours at a time trying to capture the perfect shot, the results of which you can see below.

To see more of Sandfords photos you can visit his Facebook, Instagram and his website.

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