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Incredible Timelapse GIFs Reveal How Mushrooms Grow E-mail
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Incredible Timelapse GIFs Reveal How Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms might be fast growing organisms, but that doesn’t mean that we can sit their and watch them grow with our own eyes – it would take a lot of time, but when they are filmed and the footage is then speeded up you can see exactly how they small fungi grow from the smallest of organisms into something quite amazing.

These time-lapse GIFs show they burst from the ground and eventually expand into the traditional mushroom shape that we all know. Believe it or not mushrooms are actually classified as a fruit and they consist of 92% water which explains why they expand and grow so quickly. Check out the GIFs below, they are pretty amazing.

14 Amazing Cloud Formations E-mail
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Here are 14 different cloud formations that you may have never seen before, each of them is equally impressive and mesmerising as the next.

14 Amazing Cloud Formations

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