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Tree Doing Splits Defying The Laws Of Gravity E-mail
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Nestled in the Olympic National Park in Washington, U.S. is a tree that appears to defy the laws of gravity.

Hanging on for life, the tree is stretched over a large void and has managed to attach in place by a few tough tendrils of root.

The surprising growth has resulted from the cliff slowly eroding over time, but despite this the giant tree continues to thrive.

Tree Doing Splits Defying The Laws Of Gravity

Giant Waterspout Twister Seen On Italian Coast E-mail
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These photos are taken along the coast of Italian town Genoa recently, looking deadly destructive. ALong with the twister, lightenings are spotted and thunders are heard.

Waterspouts twisters are called "Dragon suck up water" in Chinese folk culture.

Evgeny Drokov from Russia took these photos while he is on vacation in Genoa.

Waterspouts normally develop in moisture-laden environments as their parent clouds are in the process of development, and it is theorized they spin as they move up the surface boundary from the horizontal shear near the surface, and then stretch upwards to the cloud once the low level shear vortex aligns with a developing cumulus cloud or thunderstorm.

Giant Waterspout Twister Seen On Italian Coast

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