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Beautiful Views of Scotland E-mail
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Beautiful Views of Scotland

Scotland is more than just kilts and haggises – as a country with a rich and ancient history and striking natural landscapes, it is a great destination for photographically-inclined travelers.
Scottish landscapes are fairly diverse, with mountains, bogs, countless coastal islands, sea-side cliffs, and the occasional forest. Sweeping, epic vistas seem to be a common sight, judging by these photos.
One of the most interesting things about Scotland’s most photogenic places is just how well the natural landscapes and historical structures blend together. The ancient castles and crumbling bridges throughout Scotland almost seem like natural extensions of the countryside. Which, in a way, they are – because of the dearth of trees in this rugged country, Scots often had to construct their buildings out of rocks from the country around them.

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Most Interesting Volcano Tunnel In Spain E-mail
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Cueva de los Verdes — Walk and get into the volcanic tunnel of Cueva de los Verdes, It is not only one of the most interesting volcanic formations on the island, but is also one of the longest volcanic tube in the world of 6 km long. The municipality of Haría on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Spain, and forms part of the vast volcanic landscape of the Monumento Natural del Malpaís de La Corona. Its formation is the result of the eruptive activity of La Corona Volcano. Dating back, according to geologists, some 3000 to 5000 years, which gave rise to an extensive underground volcanic tunnel over six kilometers long, running from the cone of the volcano down to the sea. Two of the most relevant Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism - "Cueva de los Verdes" and "Jameos del Agua" - are located inside the tunnel.

Most Interesting Volcano Tunnel In Spain

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