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Nature Will Always Find A Way E-mail
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Nature Will Always Find A Way

When it comes to putting up man made structures or leaving objects lying around it would appear that nature isnít bothered one bit. When it comes to trees they just canít be stopped, whether itís a small sign, a car or even a building, these photographs prove that nature will always find a way.

Cats - Nature's Most Amazing Acrobats E-mail
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Most people know that cats are nimble and agile, but most of us never truly know the extent of the skills cats are born with. If you ever lived with a cat, you might have seen them perform feats that would make an acrobat cringe with fear - without batting an eye. I present to you 7 reasons why cats are natureís REAL acrobats:

1. Making seemingly impossible jumps look easy:

Cats - Nature's Most Amazing Acrobats

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