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A Tree That Bleeds E-mail
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A Tree That Bleeds

The tree in these photos is known as the Dragon's Blood tree and it is a rare type of tree that originates on a small group of four islands in the Indian Ocean. The tree contains a beautiful red sap which is called Dragon's Blood that has been used as a medicine to treat a variety of ailments and can supposedly increase the p0tency of witchcraft spells for $exual!ty, banishing, love, and protection.

Spectacular Glowing Beach Of Maldives E-mail
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Spectacular Glowing Beach Of Maldives

The blue speckled sands provide a beautifully surreal accent to the landscape at night as the waves crash onto the shore, making it look like a spectacular reflection of a starry sky on the ground. It may look like an alien life-form has washed up on a beach, but this striking neon blue effect is a completely natural phenomenon. These phenomenal photographs show how the glowing phytoplankton light the entire beach where the waves hit the sand and agitate the little creatures. They also light up under pressure, like when people walk across the sand.

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