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Beautiful Caves Illuminated By Glow Worms E-mail
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The surreal looking caves of New Zealand’s north island get their amazing appearance from thousands of tiny glow worms that line the caves walls and ceilings. New Zealand has long been known as a place of outstanding natural beauty but this cave system is certainly one of the more memorable naturally occurring phenomenon’s.

The light that the glow worms give off makes the cave look like a beautiful starry nights sky. The caves were opened to tourists in 1889 after being discovered in 1887 and nicknamed “Glowworm Grotto”. If you think these pictures are impressive then imagine seeing the caves in person.

Beautiful Caves Illuminated By Glow Worms

Things Global Warming Could Change Forever E-mail
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1. Great Barrier Reef may be gone in 20 years

Things Global Warming Could Change Forever

The Great Barrier Reef will be so degraded by warming waters that it will be unrecognizable within 20 years. Charlie Veron, former chief scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, told The Times: “There is no way out, no loopholes. The Great Barrier Reef will be over within 20 years or so.” Once carbon dioxide had hit the levels predicted for between 2030 and 2060, all coral reefs were doomed to extinction, he said. “They would be the world's first global ecosystem to collapse. I have the backing of every coral reef scientist, every research organization. I've spoken to them all. This is critical. This is reality.”

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