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The Beautiful Canola Fields In China E-mail
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Luoping is a small county in eastern Yunnan, China, located about 228 kilometers northeast of Kunming near the border of Yunnan and Guangxi with Guizhou provinces. In early spring, when the yellow flowers of rapeseed (also called canola) are in full bloom, the area takes on the appearance of a "golden sea" - a show that has made Luoping a Mecca for photographers. The sprawling farmland covered in golden yellow rapeseed flowers stretching as far as the eye can see, all the way to the horizon. The best time to visit Luoping for this visual feast is in February and March, by June the show is over.

The Beautiful Canola Fields In China

Bloody Pond Chinoike Jigoku In Japan E-mail
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 Chinoike Jigoku is an extraordinary pond located near Japanese city of Beppu. The Japanese word Chinoike Jigoku means "Bloody Hell Pond", filled with red water. Pond water color is change according to the weather. In sunny weather, the pond color turned into orange-red, and in cloudy weather its turned into bright scarlet. During a thunderstorm, the landscape becomes a truly mystical: the water in the pond becomes like a real blood. Red reservoir is formed by a large conontent of magnesium and iron oxide in the source. The geysers of underwater cave that spew per night more than 50 thousand cubic meters of water. Water periodically fills the cave, and the magma heats, leading almost to a boil. After that, there is an emission of red water into the lake and it seems that the lake boils. This phenomenon occurs every 40 minutes. Swim in the Bloody Pond is prohibited because the water temperature reaches 90 degrees. Above the surface of the Bloody Pond produces steam, which creates the impression of being in hell.

Bloody Pond Chinoike Jigoku In Japan

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