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Some Shocking Facts About Nature E-mail
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Here are 13 shocking facts that will teach you a think or two about the animal kingdom and even yourself.

You probably didnít know you have lots of little mites living in your eyelashes but now you do.

Some Shocking Facts About Nature

Something to think about next time you snuggle up in your bed.

If you are that bothered about the prospect of sharing your bed with these little mites then here is how you can get rid of them.

The Magical Beauty Of Fairy Flowers E-mail
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There is an ancient, delicate flower that blooms every year as the earth warms and the leaves begin to form a canopy over the old woodlands of Europe. When it comes out, millions of violet and blue flowers carpet the forest floors as far as the eye can see, and their strong, sweet scent wafers across the air, turning the forest into something a bit more magical and mysterious.
These bluebells have an almost enchanting quality to them, which earned them the name 'Fairy Flowers'. We hope that you too will one day find the time to stroll among these beautiful delicate flowers, but until then, enjoy these heavenly photos of their beauty.

he Magical Beauty Of Fairy Flowers

This magical carpet of bluebells makes for a dreamy landscape and may be the reason these flowers have earned the nickname "Fairy Flowers". England boasts the largest number of bluebell flowers in the world, and Micheldever Wood often has this amazing blue and purple display.

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