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Beautiful Caddo Lake Of Texas E-mail
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Beautiful Caddo Lake Of Texas

Caddo Lake is a 25,400 acres lake and wetland on the border between Texas and Louisiana, in northern Harrison County and southern Marion County in Texas and western Caddo Parish in Louisiana. The lake is named after the Southeastern culture of Native Americans called Caddoans or Caddo, who lived in the area until their expulsion in the 19th century. It is an internationally protected wetland under the RAMSAR treaty and features the largest cypress forest in the world. Caddo is one of Texas' few non-oxbow natural lakes and is the 2nd largest in the South; however, it was artificially altered by the addition of a dam in the 1900s.

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The Giant Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona E-mail
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Formed after the fall of the meteorite crater Meteor or Barringer, is located about 69 kilometers east of the city of Flagstaff and near the town of Winslow, located in the northern Arizona desert, USA. Barringer Crater, or as it is called - Meteor Crater, originated about 50,000 years ago in a fall on the Earth meteorite vesivshego 300,000 tons and flying at a speed of about 45-60 thousand km / h According to calculations, the explosion at the fall of the meteorite was three times more powerful than the Tunguska explosion, which can be compared with a thousand Hiroshimas. In the district of Arizona crater were found fragments of nickel-iron meteorite. Some meteorites, such as the Tunguska meteorite, have left behind a crater. Whereas Berringer Crater perfectly preserved and has a shape similar to lunar craters. It is a huge cavity width of 1200 meters and a depth of 200 meters.

The Giant Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona

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