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Amazing Volumetric Paintings By Justin Geffrey E-mail
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American artist who amazes everyone with his talent. Previously, the artist worked in the kitchen of the restaurant. Now he prepares dishes for creative cuisine and surprises everyone with its beautiful three-dimensional picture. He literally sculpts his paintings of acrylic. All his work dazzles with its beauty. Works of the artist are presented in the impressionist style, it is clearly inspired by the work of Van Gogh. Such conclusions can be drawn on the number of sunflowers, which the artist creates pleasure in huge quantities. In the works of Justin can see many colors, he loves them. The artist loves to spend time on the lawns and spacious fields, where he finds inspiration.

Amazing Volumetric Paintings By Justin Geffrey

Creates masterpieces using only acrylic paints, brushes and a palette knife. These sculptures of paint delight your eyes lively and exciting view. Artist spares no material for paintings, and puts paint on canvas. Then he describes what he wants, adding even paint. Paintings go sloppy, but very sincere. The art beauty is natural.

Awesome Digital Paintings By Rhads E-mail
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Awesome Digital Paintings By Rhads

This is quite unusual, but it looks very nice. Russian artist Artem Cheboha, better known online as Rhads, using several distinctive techniques to create amazing drawings. As acknowledged in an interview Cheboha, he was always drawn to the arts, but to draw in the full sense of the word, he began at the age of fourteen or fifteen years. At first, he copied the colorful paintings by other artists and photographers redraw order to gain experience. Anton admits that finding really interesting to redraw the picture in the early 2000s, it was quite difficult. He can draw digital art that looks like classical art. An important role in this was played by his education; Rhads graduated from the College of Art and Industry. In the creation of his digital paintings, Rhads uses only PhotoShop.

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