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Cutest Best Friends - 3 Huskies And A Kitten E-mail
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Cutest Best Friends - 3 Huskies And A Kitten

You would never have guessed it looking at her now, but just 6 months ago nobody was sure whether or not Rosie the kitten was going to survive. With the help of Lilo the Husky though Rosie managed to make a full recovery and has continued to grow up with three other dogs, sparking the cutest best friends ever.

Despite being tiny compared to the rest of her friends and of course being a comepletely different species Rosie more than fits in! You can see more of the trio on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

15 Signs That Prove Stationery Is Your One True Love E-mail
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People collect stamps, vintage items, jewellery, fancy pens, bags, lipsticks and all kinds of things. But there aren't too many people who like collecting colored pencils, crayons, notepads, diaries, envelops and post-its. The most absurd thing about a stationery lover is that they won't even use the items they collect because they are too pretty to use.

If you buy stationery a little too often and hardly use it, this is for you.

1. Your cupboard is full of untouched diaries, glitter pens and pouches.

You have kept them safely in a corner. They remain untouched, nicely packed as if they were bought just yesterday, but you have never used them and you probably never will. Your excuse of not using them is that ‘they are too good to use.’

2. Your parents think you waste money on buying unnecessary stuff like this.

15 Signs That Prove Stationery Is Your One True Love

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