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Las Pozas - Surreal Sculpture Jungle Park In Mexico E-mail
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Las Pozas means "The Pool" — The surreal sculpture jungle park, which is one of the relatively new attractions in Mexico. Is this incredible park complex at an altitude of about 610 meters above sea level in emerald mountains range of the Sierra Madre, near the town Xilitla, Mexico. It includes more than 80 acres or 320,000 m2 of natural waterfalls and pools interlaced with towering Surrealist sculptures in concrete.

Las Pozas, Xilitla was the creation of Edward James, the eccentric English poet and artist, and patron of the Surrealist movement. Its origins date back to 1947 when Edward, living in semi exile in Mexico, acquired the coffee plantation near Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, - now known as Las Pozas - registering it in the name of his friend and guide Plutarco Gastelum, who would later become the foreman and overseer of all construction there. For the next ten years Edward used “Las Pozas” to plant orchids and as a home for exotic animals. After a unprecedented frost in 1962 destroyed many of the orchids, Edward started building the extraordinary sculpture garden we see today. The design of "Las Pozas" was inspired both by his orchids and the vegetation of the Huastecan jungle combined with architectural elements taken from the Surrealist movement he was so closely involved with.

Las Pozas - Surreal Sculpture Jungle Park In Mexico

Watermelon Snow On The Sierra Nevada Mountains, California E-mail
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Watermelon snow, also called snow algae, red snow, or blood snow, is Chlamydomonas nivalis. according to the majority of people can only be in a fairy tale or a colorful dreams, but this assertion is refuted in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which are located in California. On this mountain range at an altitude of three thousand meters above sea level stretches fabulous snowfields red. Here, at altitudes of 10,000 to 12,000 feet (3,000–3,600 m), the temperature is cold throughout the year, and so the snow has lingered from winter storms. Compressing the snow by stepping on it or making snowballs leaves it looking red. Walking on watermelon snow often results in getting bright red soles and pinkish pant cuffs.

Watermelon Snow On The Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

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