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Eating Habits That Will Get You To Live 100 Years E-mail
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For over a decade, Dan Buettner, holder of three world records in endurance bicycling, has been conducting a research with the help of experts into “Blue Zones” – places in the world with the longest life expectancy, disability-free life expectancy, or a concentration of persons over 100. You will find Japan’s Okinawa district, Sardinia’s mountainous regions, Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, and more. During their research, Buettner and his team discovered that all of the inhabitants of these zones share similar dietary habit, which do not include counting calories or taking vitamins.

After analyzing over 150 dietary studies from the last ten years, Dan and his team found the most common dietary habits in people who live to be over 100. The following 14 tips came straight from the mouths of these centennials, so you may want to take heed.

Eating Habits That Will Get You To Live 100 Years

Incredible And Unusual Flowers E-mail
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Flowers are some of nature’s most wonderful creations – they usually look amazing, most of them emit very pleasing scents, and best of all, they’re where honey comes from! We use them for decoration, as romantic gestures and to signify freedom and love (the 60’s “Flower Children”). Not all flowers are the same, some have very unique patterns, some bloom very rarely and some don’t even look like flowers at all. Join me on a trip to discover the strangest and prettiest flowers from around the world.

Incredible And Unusual Flowers

American ghost orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) is a leafless orchid that grows in the Bahamas, Cuba and Florida. The plants anchor themselves on trees and the roots themselves are photosynthetic.

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