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The Lions In The Serengeti E-mail
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One GIANT cat nap: Incredible shot of a pride of lions basking in the Serengeti sun (but shhh, don't wake them!)

A pride of lions could barely look more content as they stretch out in sun next to their favourite watering hole.
The incredible picture, taken in the Serengeti desert, shows a pride known as the Vumbis resting on a kopje, or rocky outcrop, near their favourite water hole. Lions use kopjes as outlooks from where they can scan the plains for signs of potential prey.
Photographer Michael Nichols, spent two years of living alongside the Vumbis to capture these remarkable and intimate pictures. He his team used an array of technology including infrared cameras and remote controlled robots to capture the images.

The Lions In The Serengeti

Sleeping lions: The Vumbis look peaceful as they rest looking on a kopje, or rocky outcrop, near their favourite water hole. Lions use kopjes as outlooks on the plains
In one stunning black and white close up, a male lion gives a regal stare while in another lion cubs climb over a zebra kill. Several shots capture the pride enjoying time together embracing one another, demonstrating a tight-knit family unit.
The images are from 'The Serengeti Lion' and can be found on National Geographic's website here.

Unlike other big cats such as tigers and leopards, lions are truly sociable creatures, preferring to live in prides and coalitions, the size and dynamics of which are determined by an intricate balance of evolutionary costs and benefits.
Experts have a number of theories to try and explain this anomaly. Some argue it is necessary for hunting large prey such as wildebeest while others say it facilitates the defence of young cubs.
The Serengeti National Park, which encompasses 5,700 square miles of grassy plains and woodlands, is one of the best places for zoologists to study lions' behaviour.

Paper Art Illustrated By Eiko Ojala E-mail
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Paper Art Illustrated By Eiko Ojala

Eiko Ojala discusses digital papercut techniques — Digital Arts, Eiko Ojala is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director living in Tallinn, Estonia. His graphic design illustrations are particularly aimed towards books and magazines. Eiko has been nominated to “Young Illustrators Award” at and has been featured on It’s Nice That, iGnant, Trendland, Fubiz and Etapes.

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