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7 People With Unique And Powerful Brains E-mail
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7 People With Unique And Powerful Brains

We all have a unique brain. Some of us are good at math, others at painting or playing an instrument. These abilities all come from our brain, whether we were born to it or created it through hard work, it is the uniqueness of our brain's trillions of connections that make us who we are. That said, some people have brains that astound the rest of us, whether they are geniuses or have some extraordinary ability, these people have a brain that is even more unique than yours.

Balanced Rocks Of Impossible Towers E-mail
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Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks To Meditate

Balanced Rocks Of Impossible Towers

We’re having a hard time deciding whether Michael Grab is an artist or a magician, because he creates stunning structure from finely balanced rocks that seem to defy the law of physics.

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