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The Beautiful And Majestic Statues E-mail
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Each country has its modern attractions and sights of antiquity, which are very popular and the love of locals and tourists. Usually this magnificent palaces, beautiful parks and plazas. Seldom has history buffs interested in travel and monuments. But there is a statue of the existence of which everyone should know.

1. Nearly 1.8 million tourists annually rise to the foot of a giant statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. It offers views of the city.

The Beautiful And Majestic Statues

Amazing Works Of Art That Are Lost Forever E-mail
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A work of art is considered to be lost when credible sources, such as historians and ancient scholars, prove that it once existed, but the piece has either been destroyed or simply cannot be located in private collections or museums. Artwork can be lost for a number of reasons, from floods and fires to war or plain old fickleness. Read on to discover ten amazing masterpieces that have been lost to humankind forever.

1. The Colossus of Rhodes: Lost in an Earthquake

Amazing Works Of Art That Are Lost Forever

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