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Home Remedies For Defective Vision

Myopia or short-sightedness refers to the inability to see far-off objects clearly. It is a widely prevalent condition.

Symptoms of Defective Vision

Begins with blurred vision with far-off objects

Myopia begins with blurred vision, particularly with regard to far-off objects. The blackboard at school, the screen in a cinema hall, or the TV screen may look blurred and the eyes of the sufferer may start watering due to strain.

Itching and heaviness in the eyes, mild headache

There may be itching and heaviness in the eyes, and the patient may suffer from a mild headache.

Causes of Defective Vision

Mental strain, wrong food habits and improper blood and nerve supply

The three chief causes of myopia are mental strain, wrong food habits, and improper blood and nerve supply. Mental strain puts a corresponding physical strain on the eyes, and their muscles and nerves.

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