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Amazing Snake Temple In Malaysia E-mail
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There is in Malaysia on the island of Penang, a place as the Temple of Snakes. Here live the most dangerous species of snakes - rattlesnakes. The temple is infested by them: on the floor, in corners, even on the altar. Here they are gods, they had to bow to the faithful.

Amazing Snake Temple In Malaysia

1. In the Snake Temple in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia, has a place and  people, and one of the most dangerous creatures on earth - the snakes. more images after the break...

Ridiculous Products For LAZY People E-mail
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The ridiculous products for the people who simply cannot be bothered

Ever wondered just how much energy you could save in a day if you didn't have to stir your cup of tea or pull up your socks in the morning?

Well now you can find out with this range of bizarre gadgets designed with the super idle in mind, which have been unleashed on the U.S. market.

From Refrigerators that pour your beer for you, to slippers that mop the floor as you walk inventors with too much time on their hands have come up with ways to save even more.

Mechanical cones twist your ice cream to save on drips, while a tea bag dunker protects the wrists from repetitive strain injury.
And if going to the gym is getting you down you can always just fake it with an odd metal contraption, designed to be worn under the shirt to push flab through in a grid pattern. And voila, fake abs!

Ridiculous Products For LAZY People

What do you get the guy who has everything? Or just doesn't like getting his hands dirty? slippers that dust the floor as you walk, of course! Just watch out for broken glass...

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 10 October 2012 )
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