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U Bein's Iconic, Kilometer Long Wooden Bridge In Myanmar E-mail
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U Beinís bridge is a teak structure that stretches almost 1,200 meters across the Taungthaman Lake, near the ancient Burmese capital of Amarapura. It is said to be the longest and oldest teakwood bridge in the world. The bridge was built in the mid 1800ís by the mayor U Bein by salvaging unwanted teak columns from the old palace when the reigning King Mindon decided to move the capital to Mandalay. U Beinís bridge is supported by more than 1,000 pillars and thousands of wooden planks. Over time some of the pillars have been replaced by concrete piles to strengthen the structure so that it continues to serve as a main passage indispensable to the daily life of the local people, as well as being an exciting tourist destination.

Amarapura was founded in May 1783 as the capital of the Konbaung Dynasty. It remained so until 1857, when King Mindon began building a new capital city of Mandalay, 11 km north of Amarapura. With the royal treasury depleted by the Second Anglo-Burmese War of 1852, Mindon decided to reuse as much materials from Amarapura in construction of Mandalay. The palace buildings were dismantled and moved by elephant to the new location, and the city walls were pulled down for use as building materials for roads and railways. Unwanted wood from the palace and temples went into building of the bridge.

U Bein's Iconic, Kilometer Long Wooden Bridge In Myanmar

Amazing Cat Cafe In New York E-mail
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The cat cafe is a pop-up promotional cafe that features cats and beverages in the Bowery section of Manhattan. Cat cafe concept is not new - these already exist in Japan and some European countries. New York cafe was the first institution of its kind in America, because the local sanitary regulations prohibit such close "communication" with the animals in catering. However, this time the organizers were able to circumvent the ban, this year also plans to open two similar cafes in San Francisco. Visitors make an hourly fee for the stay in the cafe and in return get to choose any foods and drinks. The only downside, cafe opened just a few days before April 27. You can get here from 10 am to 7 pm, at the same time in the cafe may be about 65 people, so potential customers will likely have to stand in line.

Amazing Cat Cafe In New York

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