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The Beauty Of These Lakes Cannot Be Denied E-mail
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According to the dictionary, a lake is a large reservoir of water - usually sweet water - surrounded by land. And if to be a little less formal, lakes are undoubtedly one of the prettiest natural phenomena. It's hard to put words to describe the beauty expressed in these photos, with each lake more beautiful and serence than the next, making me want to pack my bags, rent a little boat and go drift on them, without a care in the world.

The Beauty Of These Lakes Cannot Be Denied

The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum E-mail
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The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

The Jeju Teddy Bear Museum, as the name suggests, exhibits the teddy bears from the different countries of the world. This is the world of Teddy Bears, rather the home of Teddy Bears, which shows their birth, development, progress and their position in the modern world.

The garden is home to beautifully Teddy Bear sculptures and models and is decorated with various themes such as the Korean Black Bear family.

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