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Old Chinese Secret - The Ice Cube and the Feng Fu Spot E-mail
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We all want to live longer. But we also want to look and feel young while we do it. To achieve this, we of course must eat right, stay active and keep our minds sharp. However, it turns out that a few moments with an ice cube on the back of your neck can also help. The point in the middle of the back of your neck, close to the hairline, is called in Chinese medicine "Feng Fu", and it is the pressure point found at the base of the skull.

Old Chinese Secret - The Ice Cube and the Feng Fu Spot

Important Advice For Your Aching Back E-mail
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Important Advice For Your Aching Back

One of the first times I knew I wasn’t as young as I used to be was when certain postures started becoming uncomfortable, or my back started hurting soon after. Your back is under a lot of pressure. As we get older, it starts complaining more, informing you of its 'displeasure'. It can easily become your loudest problem.

That said, there are ways you can deal with back problems, and many of them involve paying close attention to your daily habits, your posture and the way you sleep. Here are a few pointers for sparing that aching back of yours.

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