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Muhammad Ali Quotes That Tell You Exactly Why You Shouldn't Mess With The Greatest E-mail
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To realise what champions are made of, one needs to know about a technique Muhammad Ali invented on the suggestion of his boxing photographer, George Kalinsky, in his famous 1974 'Rumble in the jumble' battle against George Foreman. He would lie against the rope in a protected stance, inviting the opponent to have a go at him, providing only enough counter to make sure the referee didn't end the match via technical knockout. The master tactician would then wait until his opponent was worn out, and start making mistakes. That's when he'd actually begin his fight, floating like a butterfly, stinging harder than a bee. The greatest's 'Rope-a-dope', as the move went on to be known as, can still be seen being put into practice by a generation of boxers that followed, including Manny Pacquiao, Micky Ward, and even Floyd Mayweather.

His battles would begin much before the actual fight. Known for his perfect technique and lightning speed, Muhammad Ali perhaps is, the sporting world's greatest icon. And his quotes, perhaps as legendary as he is, made the phenomena that Ali has been for youngsters across the world.

1. On Olympic success.

Muhammad Ali Quotes That Tell You Exactly Why You Shouldn't Mess With The Greatest

Most Memorable Quotes From Game Of Thrones E-mail
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Most Memorable Quotes From Game Of Thrones

Five Seasons, Unexpected turns, blood, battles, love and power packed dialogues - That's what Game Of Thrones is all about!

What keeps the audience glued to the cinematic extravaganza is not only the unpredictable plot but also the witty one-liners, perfect comebacks and the untold truth of life.

We bring you the best Game Of thrones from the first five seasons.

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