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Relationships That Were Always Going To End Badly E-mail
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These peoples relationships never even took off. As you can see from these messages there was never any love lost, because it just didnít exist in the first place.

1. They have already found love. Cereal.

Relationships That Were Always Going To End Badly

Women - A Universal Feelings E-mail
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Women - A Universal Feelings

They say women are complicated, that men can never understand them. But most women understand something even more important - that each woman is different, that their own hyper sensitivity to the world around them ends in a huge rainbow of thoughts and feelings that are too complex to be understood by others, be they men or women. It's not about being complicated, it's about having different thoughts and emotions at different stages of life. So what DO women have in common with each other? Quite a bit, as this beautiful presentation will tell you.

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