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Some Odd Proposal Methods E-mail
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As the royal couple prepares for their wedding march we wondered how other people propose and prepare for their weddings. Here are some odd ways to propose to the one you love.

Say it with a T-shirt
Some Odd Proposal Methods

Cheap and affordable, is that really what you want to tell your beloved as you pop the question?

Fortune for Life
Some Odd Proposal Methods

Cute idea, but just pray you give her the right cookie, or someone else will be waiting for you at the end of the aisle.

Some Odd Proposal Methods

You wonít get the double bonus score, but you could get a lifetime score of a beautiful life together.

Drive Her Home
Some Odd Proposal Methods

Give her the keys to your heart with a huge diamond keyring and a key with will you marry me engraved on it.

Rose a Day
Some Odd Proposal Methods

Send her one rose a day and on the 12th day when she expects that last rose send her a wedding ring instead. You can do that in hours as well, it depends on you.

Spell it Out
Some Odd Proposal Methods

Letís just hope you donít get nervous and spell the wrong name or the water doesnít wash it away.

Jigsaw Puzzle
Some Odd Proposal Methods

If she loves to jig, then give her a puzzle with just a few pieces missing and surprise her with them. Will she say yes, or be mad you held out those pieces.

Rubber Ducky
Some Odd Proposal Methods

Sneak into her bathroom and leave these cute duckies. I think you will get your answer right away.

Some Odd Proposal Methods

This is a boon or a fail depends on if she says yes in your comments. Itís risky, but itís an attention getter.

Another T-shirt Idea

Some Odd Proposal Methods

I think this one will get you in divorce court faster than in the wedding chapel.

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