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Inner Peace (Story) E-mail
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A monkey, which leaves the tree and swims in a lake, is inferior to fish. A racehorse kept in a beautiful and posh apartment, is inferior to a rat. A good swordsman given a plough to cultivate a piece of land is inferior to a peasant. In the same way people feel inferior, if they are not awakened to a higher self.

I am uncomfortable talking to people, I cant mix with people, I feel diffident in getting jobs done from others, I am an introvert. How can you help me? a lady asked a Guru.

Its Never Too Late (Inspirational Story) E-mail
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It was an unusually busy day for the hospital staff on the sixth floor. Ten new patients were admitted and Nurse Susan spent the morning and afternoon checking them in.

Her friend Sharron, an aide, prepared ten rooms for the patients and made sure they were comfortable. After they were finished she grabbed Sharron and said, We deserve a break. Lets go eat.

Sitting across from each other in the noisy cafeteria, Susan noticed Sharron absently wiping the moisture off the outside of her glass with her thumbs. Her face reflected a weariness that came from more than just a busy day.

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