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Ego And The Waiting Vultures E-mail
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Two Lions with inflated EGO, reached the pool at the same time to drink water.
Both of them wanted to have water first.
A ferocious fight to the finish as to who will drink water first, broke out. Soon they were bloodied all over.
It is then they saw Vultures flying over them, looking down hungrily. Soon they realized their folly, stopped the fight and started Drinking water TOGETHER.

Had they continued to fight, both of them would have been devoured by Vultures.

There is a Lesson for all of us to Learn in this short story.
TOGETHERNESS is Bliss. Together you Achieve More.
Pushed by Ego, when you fight with each other specially for petty things, always remember, Vultures are waiting above or on the sidelines.

The Bear And The Atheist E-mail
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A photographer, who was also a confirmed atheist, decided to go into the woods to get photos of the fall foliage. It was a beautiful day: Fall colors, birds chirping, babbling brook, and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves.

While snapping shots, the photographer heard a noise behind him, and whirled around to see a huge bear coming through the bushes.

The Bear And The Atheist
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