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When You Are Hurt (Story) E-mail
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When someone expresses his anger towards us, or speaks in a belittling way, what should we do? The answers to such questions can be found in this incident from the life of Buddha.

Once Buddha went to beg with his disciple Ananda. When they approached a house for food, the lady of the house, spoke harshly. ‘You lazy fellows! You are hale and healthy…why can’t you work for your food?’ she yelled and chased them away. The disciple was enraged at the woman she used such hostile words on his great Guru.
‘Please permit me to teach that woman a solid lesson…’ he pleaded with Buddha. But Buddha walked away in silence.
A little later, Buddha handed over his water container to Ananda and went to take rest.
Having rested for a couple of hours they resumed their journey. On the way, Buddha glanced at the water container and asked, ‘Whose is this?’ ‘It is yours, Guruji!’ said Ananda. Buddha took it and looked at it once and returned it to Ananda saying, ‘No, I gifted it to you a little while ago…it is yours.’
At night, Buddha pointed to the same water container and asked once again, ‘Whose is this?’ Now Ananda said, ‘Guruji, it is mine!’
Hearing this, Buddha said laughingly, ‘I asked you the same question earlier this evening and you said it was yours. Now you are saying, it is mine. How can the same container be yours and mine at the same time?’
Problems And Opportunities (Story) E-mail
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BUDDHA WAS WALKING through a forest. The woodcutters who were cutting wood nearby ran to him and said, `Stop, please stop! There is a terrible demon in the forest. He is a cannibal who eats human flesh! After eating a person, he cuts of the thumb and keeps it safe. In this way, he has so far collected 999 thumbs. He needs just one more to make it 1000. His plan is, once the final thumb is collected, to string them all up and wear them around his neck! So please do not go into the forest. If you go, it would be a big problem for you!’

To that, Buddha replied, `I would get no better opportunity than this!’ and entered deep into the forest. As expected, the demon felled a huge branch of a banyan tree and appeared in front of Buddha in a cloud of dust. But Buddha did not run away like others in fright. He stood strong, firm and said, `if killing gives you pleasure, you please do so! I accept the fact that you are really strong. But one thing….Though you have the strength to break the branch of a banyan tree, you can never attach it back to that tree. It is very easy to destroy…but difficult to join!’

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