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Dont be Conditioned to Lose (Story) E-mail
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Dont be Conditioned to Lose (Story)

An eagle's egg was placed in the nest of a prairie chicken.
The egg hatched and the little eagle grew up thinking
it was a prairie chicken.
The eagle did what the prairie chickens did.

It scratched in the dirt for seeds. It clucked and cackled.
It never flew more than a few feet because that is what
the prairie chickens did.

One day he saw an eagle flying gracefully and majestically
in the open sky. He asked the prairie chickens:
"What is that beautiful bird?" The chickens replied,
"That is an eagle.
He is an outstanding bird, but you cannot fly like him
because you are just a prairie chicken."

So the eagle never gave it a second thought,
believing that to be the truth. He lived the life of and
died a prairie chicken, depriving himself of his heritage
because of his lack of vision.

What a waste! He was born to win,
but was conditioned to lose.
Do not let people or situations or even yourself
condition you to lose in life.

Dont be Conditioned to Lose (Story)

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Posted by nahid, on 29-11-2012 10:00, , Guest
these are truly inspirational stories which blow ones mind away and widen our horizon :) :)

Posted by Prairie chicken, on 23-01-2011 13:30, , Guest
Maybe he was happy as a prairie chicken. There is no evidence that suggests he would have been happier or more successful had he taken to the skies. 
I will even say that had he been unable to achieve happiness unless he flew in the skies like the eagle he was, he would have done - prairie chicken upbringing or not.

Posted by Nandakumar Hattiangadi, on 21-01-2011 01:05, , Guest
We end up with what we claim to be in real life. To achieve the end result we have to work hard and believe in ourselves. Dreams come true when we try to pursue them.

Posted by walied sukhera, on 19-01-2011 07:13, , Guest
:) great 1

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