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Lucid Stead - The Light Installation In A Desert E-mail
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U.S. artist Phillip K. Smith III has created a striking and original piece of installation art called Lucid Stead in the desert near Joshua Tree, California that has been turning heads due to the graceful and beautiful way in which it interacts with its environment.

To create the striking piece, Smith took a 70-year-old homestead cabin and ripped out parts of the walls, replacing these strips with mirrors. These long mirrors, along with the mirrored windows, serve to make it look like the building isn’t all there – as if it’s deteriorating into the desert. At night, after the building has reflected the stunning desert sunset, the mirrored windows are illuminated by LED panels of different colors, giving the building a new, more alien appearance. The pieces creates the illusion that you’re observing the real-life manifestations of an impossible surreal piece of artwork.

Lucid Stead - The Light Installation In A Desert

British Airways Super Jumbo Plane E-mail
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Flight of the superjumbo: British Airways takes delivery of its first new £270million Airbus A380 as it touches down at Heathrow
  • Airbus A380 touched down in Heathrow from Toulouse this morning
  • Bigger, more spacious, more comfortable, quieter than jets it replaces
  • First of a double-decker dozen of A380s ordered by British Airways
  • Comes ahead of fleet going into service in Autumn

    British Airways today took delivery of its new double-decker ‘superjumbo’ which airline bosses say will herald a new era for the nation’s flagship airline.

    BA says passengers will find its new £270million Airbus A380 bigger, more spacious, more comfortable, quieter and ‘greener’ than the ageing Jumbo jets it replaces – with fresher in-flight air to boot.

    This morning the giant of the skies touched down at Heathrow in London, waved on by cheering BA staff who welcomed its arrival.

    The plane is the first of a dozen of A380s ordered by British Airways ahead of the model going into service in the autumn.

British Airways Super Jumbo Plane

Last Updated ( Friday, 06 December 2013 )
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