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Most Weird N Futuristic Cell Phones Ever E-mail
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1. The Natural Year Phone by Je-Hyun Kim

This was created in the name of recycling... after all, how durable do we want our devices to be when they become near-obsolete in five years? The phone is made of hay (or should we say of "weed"?) and completely disintegrates in two years' time - only the screen and soft keys remain behind, and even these may be subsequently recycled. However, we have doubts about its practicality. Just one of those "nice to see, good to hold... but no thanks!" pieces of technology

Most Weird N Futuristic Cell Phones Ever
(designer: Je-Hyun Kim)

New Inventions By Creative Minds E-mail
(27 votes)

Bladeless Fan
New Inventions By Creative Minds

Dyson fans use Air Multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it. With no blades or grille, they are safe and easy to clean.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 April 2011 )
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