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The Robot Restaurant Of Harbin, China E-mail
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A restaurant in downtown Harbin, China, employs 20 robots instead of humans that cook, serve and entertain its guests.

The restaurant opened in June 2012 and has since become a novelty spot in Heilongjiang provinces capital.

When a diner walks in, an usher robot extends their mechanic arm to the side and says Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant Patrons can then place their order, which is relayed by humans to one of the four robot chefs who are able to cook various styles of dumplings and noodles.

Once the dish is prepared, a robot waiter, which runs along tracks on the floor, carries it from kitchen to table. Prepared dishes are placed on a suspended conveyor belt and when the plate reaches the right table the mechanical arms lift it off and set it down.

There`s a singing robot too !!!

The Robot Restaurant Of Harbin, China

Cool Inventions By Creative Minds E-mail
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The Ratheon XOS 2 is a second generation exoskeleton design for US army use. It allows the wearer to enhance his strength to carry heavy equipment much easier and for much longer.

Cool Inventions By Creative Minds

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