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Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Best In The Entire Universe E-mail
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The distinctive characteristics of an Indian mother. The best in the world.

Mothers across the planet have some kind of bond that ties them together and makes them alike. All of them love and care for their children equally. All are the same special creatures. Except the Indian mother. The Indian mother is a specimen, nothing like a mother from any other country. Here's how:

1. You've never needed an alarm clock.

Reasons Why Your Mom Is The Best In The Entire Universe

And you've never been late when woken up by her. Why? Because there's no snooze button on mommy.

Last Updated ( Friday, 30 January 2015 )
7 Qualities Of Highly Ethical People E-mail
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7 Qualities Of Highly Ethical People

People are ethical because of social norms, religious beliefs and laws. Ethical foundations in an individual define the way he lives the life by differentiating between right and wrong and behave in a way which improves the situation directly or indirectly however doesn't harm it at any cost. Ethics have been defined by relevant governmental and religious authorities for several domains of life however below article occupies 'blanket' coverage for all norms of life.

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