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The Worlds Most Colourful Bagels Ever E-mail
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For the past 20 years bagel artist and owner of The Bagel Store Scott Rossillo has been serving his beautifully colourful vanilla flavoured bagels to the people of Brooklyn. Appropriately named rainbow bagels the process behind creating them is time consuming thanks to the dyeing, layering and twisting that's involved, the end result however is more than worth it. In the time that it normally takes to make 1,000 bagels (5 hours) Rossillo is only able to create 100 of rainbow bagels.

Once ready the bagels line The Bagel Store's shelves, ready to be topped with either cream cheese flavours such as funfetti, cannoli cream and Nutella. Checkout the video below to see how they're made.

The Worlds Most Colourful Bagels Ever

7 Easy Yoga Poses That Will Help You Straighten Out E-mail
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Yoga is a great way to improve your posture, since it does great things for your spine. Practicing these postures regularly will strengthen your core muscles and help prevent back pain as well.

1. Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

7 Easy Yoga Poses That Will Help You Straighten Out

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