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Did God Create Evil ? (Humor) E-mail
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This will make you think for a while. At a certain college, there was a professor with a reputation for being tough on Christians. At the first class every semester, he asked if anyone was a Christian. Whereupon he proceeded to degrade any poor soul that timidly answered "Yes", mocking his/her statement of faith.

One semester, he asked the question and a young freshman raised his hand when asked if anyone was a Christian. The professor asked, "Did God make everything, young man?"
He replied, "Yes sir He did!"

The Professor responded, "If God made everything, then He made evil." The student didn't have a response and the professor was happy to have once again proved the Christian faith to be a myth.

Interesting Facts Worth Reading E-mail
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Just keep scrolling down.

After reading this, you'll go "duh, I didn't know that."

Interesting Facts Worth Reading
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