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Stories Behind The Famous Car Logos E-mail
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Stories Behind The Famous Car Logos

This cool infographic put together by car dealer reviews breaks down the history, heritage, stories and concepts behind some of the world's most popular and well known automotive brands. Some of the design choices are obvious whilst others you would never have guessed.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 February 2016 )
Friends And Enemies Begins To Blur After We Turn 25 E-mail
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When we look at old photographs of when we were 5, or 10, even 18, we realise we had all the time in the world for unnecessary things. In fact, we even had time for finding the perfect group of friends to hang out with, talk about people we didnít like and think of the perfect comebacks to shut them up. But things are different now. Or should we say we are different?

Fortunately, we've grown up or moved on, and changed from that, in retrospect, pointless existence. Friends or enemies, rumors and gossip really donít matter anymore. Here are 9 possible reasons why.

1. The definition of best friends change.

Friends And Enemies Begins To Blur After We Turn 25

As we grow up, a little bit of distance enters every relationship. Best friends stay there, but sometimes other friends take over. With time, we begin to alter our steps. We donít meet often and we donít talk often.

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