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19 Misconceptions That Surprised Me E-mail
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As we grow up, we hear many facts about things we didn’t previously know, be it in school, on TV or from friends or family. Sadly, many of these “facts” are misconceptions, and I believe that it’s better to know that I was wrong, instead of spreading false information.

The Earth’s core is not super-hot liquid metal. It is, in fact, a 700 mile sphere of iron and nickel.

19 Misconceptions That Surprised Me

Signs To Do Something Big E-mail
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French philosopher, John-Paul Sartre said “Everything has been figured out, except how to live” so perhaps the better question here is what to do with our life, not what to do with our death. Satisfaction is one rare feeling that’s hard to achieve. But then it only makes a perfect sense for mankind. If you’re content in your heart you’d stop questioning, stop following your bliss and then the world will only left undiscovered. 10 signs that describe why you are one of them and on your track to do something big in this world:

1. You keep asking yourself about the true meaning of life and what you want to achieve out of this.

Signs To Do Something Big

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