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Traveling? Here Are Easy Steps For Amazing Shots E-mail
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Whenever someone comes back from a vacation and wants you to look at their photos, you probably groan a little on the inside. (Yes, you do.) But why is that? Well, it might have to do with the fact that pretty much all travel photos look exactly the same. You know, the slightly crooked shots of landmarks, the stiffly posed group shots in front of vistas, the unflattering "candid" shots of people blinking and chewing. No thanks.

When you travel, you might feel the urge to share your journey with others. That's natural. So, if you're going to share your photos with people, make sure you do it right by taking some seriously awesome shots.

You can experiment by taking photos at different times of day for different light qualities.

Traveling? Here Are Easy Steps For Amazing Shots

Make Full Use Of The Food E-mail
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Donít you just hate it when you buy a whole lot of food, only to have it spoil because you didnít feel like eating it then and there? These 16 tips will show you how to save both money, time, and frustration by making the most out of your ďoldĒ food.

1. Too-Ripe Bananas

Make Full Use Of The Food

When bananas are almost black, they may be too ripe to eat, but theyíre perfect for making banana pancakes and banana bread. However, if you donít feel like making any banana-related dish, you can put them in a Ziploc bag and leave them in the freezer for a later date.

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