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9 Ways To Enhance Memory For Children E-mail
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You may wonder how you manage to remember information for a test. Parents often worry how well their children are learning and whether schools are meeting educational standards. Parents and teachers have big dreams that their children and students should become successful in their life. But, whether you succeed or not, all depends on this one aspect: your mind. Your mind matters and what matters more is your memory. Memory has three stages which include sensory information (replica of what you see and hear/ also called encoding), short-term memory (active/working memory also called storage) and long-term memory (permanent memory/retrieval). Learning is the outcome of memory and learning depends on how well you have processed the information. As ability to recall information is needed for students, the information they learn should be passed on from the short term memory to long term memory in order to retain information during exams, tests or whenever required.

Here are some tips for learning that will enhance your ability to recall information and achieve excellent results:

10 Ways To Enhance Memory For Children

A Teacher Discovered The Genius Way Of Explaining Math Using LEGO E-mail
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A Teacher Discovered The Genius Way Of Explaining Math Using LEGO

Just when you thought that LEGO couldn't get any cooler a teacher has now found a practical use for everyone's favourite childhood toy and it involves teaching children math. It's no secret that LEGO can be a brilliant educational aid, but 3rd-grade teacher Alycia Zimmerman from New York uses small blocks in order to explain fractions and other math concepts.

Zimmerman goes into great detail here on how LEGO can be used to help explain many math concepts. Great not just for the classroom but for helping kids with homework too!.

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